Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day in the Life

5:15 am - alarm goes off.

5:55 am - I finally get out of bed...no clean hair today!! Sorry, everyone who has to look at me at a distance of 3 feet or closer!

5:55-6:20 am - Get dressed, brush teeth and hair, gather books, take Mocha out, feed Mocha, say bye to Mocha, leave for school, realize outside that I forgot my calculator, go back in, retrieve calculator, leave for school.

6:20-7:05 am - Drive to school. No thoughts occur during this time. It is too early. I just look up at some point and realize I am at the Mcdonald's drive thru across from campus, getting a soda.

7:05-7:25 am - Park car, put makeup on using rearview mirror (something I really feel as though I could win a gold (or at least a silver) medal in at the totally-off-the-wall-things-people-do-in-their-cars Olympics), eat breakfast: 1 Clif bar, chocolate chip, and it is DELICIOUS.

7:30-8:30 am - Class. I realize towards the end of the hour that I am OUT OF PAPER. Seriously, Megan? This is SCHOOL and you ran out of PAPER?? That's like going to a picnic and running out of food. I mean honestly, woman, be prepared.

8:30-8:40 am - class break. I walk to the bookstore and buy some paper.

8:40-9:50 am - class. I realize my lab partner has on amazing shoes.

9:50-10:10 am - class break. I eat Clif bar number 2: white chocolate macadamia. YES, people, these things are amazing. Try them!

10:10-11:50 am - class....we get out 40 minutes early!!!

11:50 am-12:35 pm - I drive home. Things happen:

1. I am SO glad it is cloudy and the heat of the fiery sun isn't blazing down upon my car with its puny air conditioning. 2. I try to play the alphabet game to pass the time, but I get bored of it at "J". 3. I see a light buttery yellow car. I do not like this color on the car. 4. I look up at a billboard for the lottery, see that it's only at like, 12 million and think to myself, 'that's not very much'. 5. I wonder what kind of culture I must live in when I look at a sign proclaiming that it is giving away TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS and think 'eh that's NOT VERY MUCH'?! I feel silly.

12:35-1:12pm - eat lunch (ritz crackers and colby jack cheese, possibly the best meal I have ever created on a limited budget and short time), throw the tennis ball for Mocha 80 dozen times, write part of this, change for work at the doctor's office.

1:13 pm - *borrow* a pair of earrings from Mother's jewelry box.

1:14 pm - I realize my mother owns more earrings than a Claire's.

1:15 pm - leave for work.

1:15- 1:30 pm - drive to the doctor's office to SHADOW A DOCTOR!! WOO!

1:30-5:30 pm - I become the doctor's shadow...yeah, pretty much literally. I love it!

5:30- 5:45 pm - drive to Walgreens to see if they sell that "as seen on TV" clip on fan thing that keeps your car cool during the day

6:05 pm - after searching for 20 minutes, I come to the conclusion that Walgreens does NOT sell this product after all. They DO sell that "as seen on TV" foot softening cream though. I decided to try it, as well as the Dove with peanut butter bar...it was on sale.

6:15- 7:00 pm - get home, greet Mocha, play with Mocha, talk to the family, eat a tuna fish sandwich and a Dove peanut butter bar.

7:30 pm - write the rest of my day. I realize at this point this is the first time my mother will read about my borrow-ment of her earrings and consider deleting that part, then reconsider and decide it will be more fun for her to find out this way...IF she reads this....da da daaaaaa....

I shan't bore you with the rest of my evening which mostly consisted of studying and then going to bed. It's boring; it's my life. I am really impressed with anyone who read this whole thing all the way through. Kudos to YOU, Mr. (or Mrs, Ms. etc.) long boring blog about my day reader, kudos to you.

Until next time!

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