Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The sun set as I drove home.

As I was leaving school today, the sun began to leave too...
...And then I was home...and so was the sun!
Disclaimer: If you have never tried it, it is extremely difficult to both get great pictures AND not die while careening down the interstate at approximately 75 MPH. I will probably never do it again. ;)
Halfway to the weekend!


  1. Wow. Pretty. Shiny!

    ("Hey, let's be careful out there.")*

    *10 bonus points if you can name where that came from.

  2. You've captured the sun set so well...just beautiful!

  3. Beautiful sunset, and that's one of my bad hobbies...taking photos while driving. The trick is to check the pictures AFTER you stop :)

  4. You crazy girl, all of the pictures are so beautiful, glad you didn't crash in the process! I forgot to answer your chocolate covered gummy bear question - have you ever been to Harry and David? Look it up on the internet. You are in the US right? They are there and also at Henry's it's a health store. Ha ha. Have a great day!

  5. Lovely sunset pictures!
    Have a nice day!