Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gold medals!

Today, I had so many fun/interesting/moronic things happen that I decided to award gold medals to the BEST happenings in each of my three classes. And so, without further adieu, I present the medals to:

Biology, 8 am: My professor! He plays us videos (which actually do keep us all awake that early) of the fun little critters we are studying. Today, he played one, and it started playing in French. He couldn't get it to stop. So what did he do? Curse? Not play the video? No. He sighed, re-started the video, and began TRANSLATING from the French. At the end, all he said was, "So, those were pretty cute, huh?". AMAZING.

Psychology, 9:40 am: Once again...my Professor! We were discussing infancy, and my 62 year old professor actually got down on the cold tile floor and demonstrated what a baby looks like when it is crawling. You can imagine the many reasons why this was funny. I love Dr. B.

A&P Lab, 2:40 pm: The kid-who-asks-the-dumbest-questions-ever did not disappoint. His question today, "So, if you break your coccyx, does it disappear completely?". Please note that the coccyx is a bone. Like your arm. Or your collarbone, right? So, that's like asking "If I break my collarbone, does it disappear completely?". I am glad I am not a professor, because my answer would have gone something like this: "Actually, yes, it disappears into thin air. There are actually some people out there who have broken so many bones that they have turned into jello-like piles of skin and muscles. Excellent question." Seriously.

How was your Tuesday? :)
(thanks starparticle for the picture!)


  1. LOL at the last one. Ahahahahahahahaha that is ridiculous, wow!
    My Tuesday was great :) I read, painted, played WWE on PS3, and slept over at my friend's. Fun!

  2. aah, i just LOLed for real out loud. whilst in class :/

    but seriously...too funny. i work at a gym, where the bathrooms are located in [duh] the locker rooms. people can't seem to understand this. i've considered telling them that we don't support using the bathroom.

  3. Wooow on the last questions, too funny! How nice that the professor plays videos, that always breaks up a day and is relaxing! :)