Monday, September 7, 2009

Shoes and Tattoos

Shoes: I am obsessed with them. I want too many, I buy too many, I own too many. I love seeing the shoes other people wear, what they paired them with, if they got a good deal...because then...I can buy them!
Tattoos: I am equally obsessed with them. I love seeing them on other people, but I do not have any, and I do not want any. I love hearing the stories behind people's tattoos: why they got it, when they got it, how old they were etc. etc. It's like meeting and getting to talk to a live piece of art!
And so, I present what I hope will become a recurring series, and I hope you have as much fun getting to know each of these people as I do. They get to pick one tattoo (if they have several), tell me about it, and then I take a picture of the shoes they are wearing. Simple, yes. Fun, ABSOLUTELY.

Meet Cass! This is her tattoo (on her right foot):
It is a sunset surrounding the phrase "to live" in Greek. Her mom actually encouraged (and went with!) her to get her tattoo when she was 18. The first night she met her one-day husband, he asked her what it meant. She told him, "to live", and he quoted to her the bible verse she had taken it from. She said she immediately thought, "MARRY ME!"! She picked the sunset to go around the letters because she loves how sunsets show the beauty of God's creation.
And these are her shoes!:
Red peep toe heels, blue lining. She has no idea where she got them, but I LOVE them (I almost accidentally took them with me...)! Isn't she stylish?
Thanks for being the first to show off your shoes and tattoos, Cass!

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  1. Very cute shoes and I love tattoos too, that is probably why I have one on my ankle! By the way, hope working this past weekend went well for you!