Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letters to people I will probably never meet, Chapter 2

Dear boy who sits 1 section over and 4 rows down from me in Anatomy,

I have noticed several things about you (please don't let this creep you out, I'm not a stalker), so I'm happy to be able to write you this letter instead of having to have the actual conversation, because that could take awhile. First things first:

Your shoes (which I think used to be white) are REALLY cool. But maybe it's time you got a new pair. Same ones, for sure, just NEW ones.

I would appreciate it if you stopped asking questions that have already been answered (usually in the immediately preceeding part of the lecture). Example for you from today:
Professor: So, when these two polypeptides join, they form a protein.
You: So what happens when two polypeptides join?
Ok, that wasn't exact, but it was around that same general topic. You get the picture.

If you tap your pen on your lap-desk-thing-that-pulls-out-from-under-the-seat so loud that the entire room of 230 students can hear it one more time, I think I may run out screaming. Who knows, maybe that is your goal.

The hat you wear every time to class is really awesome. I'd like to know where you got it.

Thanks for your time,

(thanks ffffound for the picture!)


  1. Bwah ha ha ha!!! There's always one of THOSE guys in every class. Loves it.

  2. If it makes you feel better, if I were a professor (whoops!),
    I probably wouldn't say anything about his shoes (although yesterday one of mystudemts was wearing the ugliest sneakers of all time and I said, "Those are some snazzy sneaks." He doesn't know me well enough to understand I was openly mocking him.

    I would say, "Yes, as I just said..." I actually did this yesterday.

    I would take the pen away until he promised to STOP tapping.

  3. That made me lol :p I reckon you should befriend this guy and years later show him this post. That would be funny.