Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love Letters, Chapter 5

Dear One Day Husband,
I know we will find each other when the time is right. You'll see me, I'll see you, we'll get to know each other, etc. etc., we fall in love. You'll get through the big doors into my heart right away. But just in case the etc. part ever gets difficult for you, or if I start being stubborn, here are 10 little back doors to my heart...any one of them will give me the butterflies-smiles-heart melties every time. Take notes. I'm giving you the answers.
1. Bring me jelly belly jelly beans. Only certain flavors though. Find out which ones.
2. Hold doors open for me. Car, store, house, it doesn't matter.
3. Give me flowers for no reason at all. Even if you sneakily picked them from your neighbor's yard.
4. Leave me a note on my car, in my shoe, in my wallet, on my lunch, wherever. I love that; I don't know why.
5. Make me dinner. Preferably Italian food. I don't care if you can't cook, I promise.
6. Take me to a baseball game. Even a high school one where we don't even know who's playing. I'll still hold your hand and cheer.
7. Call me a nickname. I love nicknames. Even better if you start it and you're the only one who calls me by it.
8. Show up somewhere when I least expect you. I love surprises.
9. Dance with me. I am a pretty bad dancer, so maybe only in private. Fun dancing to crazy music, slow dancing after we wash dishes, etc. is fine with me.
10. Make me laugh. I don't care how (and it doesn't take much...I love to laugh!).
(picture from hjartesmil's flickr stream!)


  1. Hey girl. Thanks for your comment on my blog today!

    I got that skirt on the clearance rack at the Gap four years ago (seriously!). Yes, the budget makes me have to wear things till they completely wear out. But, hey, that just makes me use a little more creativity, right?

  2. What a cute post! I love your list of things, would totally work for me too, except maybe the baseball part!

  3. I am a horrible dancer!!! I love your letter x