Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There will be no pictures.

And there will be no sunrise. Why? Because as I drove into the dark abyss this morning (which only appeared as soon as I got onto the interstate), with torrential rains falling so hard they tore up some pavement, one hand was so firmly attached to the steering wheel that I needed the jaws of life to pry it off, and the other was busy using its fingernails to leave permanent bruises in my palm-no hands free for a camera.

I am talking no-see-through kind of rain. Lightning that seems like it jumps out of the road in front of you. They say the safest place to be during a lightning-thunder-rain bullet storm is in a car. Who is "they"?! Let me tell you: "they" must have said this when "they" were already safely where they needed to be for the day and not in peril of losing "their" lives on "their" interstate. I say the safest place to be is snuggled in my bed in my pajamas.

I tried. I really tried to like the rain. At this point though, I am starting to feel as though nature is testing my resolve to go back to school. Well let me tell you something, nature: I am MUCH more dedicated to attending classes now than ever. Mostly out of spite at this point, but also because I am paying for each class out of my own very hard earned money. So, even if I have to drive 40 mph down the interstate, with BLACK sky behind me and YELLOW sky in front of me with my emergency flashers on, I will be in class. Even if you send the sun miraculously shining through as soon as I park my car, I will attend class. I will have this Master's degree, rain or shine. Literally.

P.S. I saw a man riding a bicycle down the road during all of the afore-mentioned rain mess. He seemed totally at ease. I think he may have something there.

P.P.S. I tricked you! I put a picture in here!

(thanks to Michael Penn for the picture!)

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  1. Ha ha, you did trick me! Nice picture. Good job for surviving through the rain, that sounds like a huge rain storm! I admire your determination...I am taking a few classes right now to see if I want to ad on to my current degree. Your Master's degree is totally going to be worth while, good for you darlin! Oh, and I left you a little giftie at my blog, enjoy!