Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of school!

On my walk to my first class (at about 7:41 am), I was attacked by a killer demon bee from hell and I ran away from that sucker like he was pointing an uzi at me. I'm sure it gave anyone awake at that hour a good laugh. That's what I love...bringing joy to others through my own clumsi/crazi-ness.
Biology class: The professor is short and frumpy and when he talks, he makes huge, awkward gestures, but the gestures don't match what he is saying or when he is saying it. Think Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights, but grander:

Also, there was a boy in front of me wearing a purple checked button up with a grey vest over it and blue jeans...it looked awesome!
Psych: I adore this class. The professor is this 62 year old woman who half squaks (she kind of even looks like Jimmy's teacher in Jimmy Neutron, if you've seen that...), half laughs every word she says. NO JOKE. Think that guy from Mary Poppins who sang "I love to laugh". SHE LAUGHS MORE THAN THIS. And the thing is, she is so ridiculous, we all laugh too! She told us that she hasn't watched TV sicne 1980 and that this summer she tried out for a play as the ...she whispered..."whore", but they gave her the grandmother role instead. She was disappointed.

A and P lab: AGHH! T-O-R-T-U-R-E. The professor is what I like to call a SECT or Shifty Eyed Chin Talker. Meaning, when he talks, instead of looking at you with his eyes, it's like he is looking at you with his chin (it's slightly raised). And his eyes shift around (I thought that was pretty self explanatory.) Also, no one taught him how to be socially acceptable. He says things you know he thinks are funny, then stops for someone to laugh, but no one does. STOP! Don't pity him! He always then looks as if the only reason we didn't get it is because we are actually 5 year olds...which is how he talks to us. Like 5 year olds, or rocket scientists. He kinda hops back and forth between big words no one has heard of (and that he KNOWS we haven't heard of but he uses them anyways to make us feel dumb) and words like "teensey" and "ootsey (???)".
On my walk back to my car from all this madness, I realized I had two huge blisters on BOTH of my heels.
My days are never boring.
(thanks Ohio barns and Covering the mouse for the pictures!)


  1. LOL at that last bit. Sounds like our physics teacher. Man I hate her.
    And I never hate anyone :(

  2. When my son was about 7, we actually SAW--in REAL LIFE!!!--Jimmy Neutron's teacher. She even made that squacking noise. If I want to make him laugh, I just have to sound like her for a nanosecond!