Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain, rain go away

Well, it's officially official. My campus is actually a vortex that sucks in all of the rain from the entire world (and possibly even some water from oceans, seas, etc.) and brings it here. I have driven in a pouring, torrential downpour of rain on the interstate (my personal version of torture) for three days now, and my nerves are slightly on edge. Nature: it was cute at first, but enough is enough. Grow up. So, in an effort to be more positive about the rain (which I cannot stop...unless one of you knows how...??), here is my list of things I love about when it rains:
-the really fun umbrellas you see everywhere
-watching for the lightning, then listening for the thunder (this reminds me of the Sound of Music!)
-on that note, raindrops on roses, of course!
-the big, rolling, booming kind of thunder that keeps going so long you don't think it will end
-grabbing a friend, standing in the huge bodies of water on the street, and getting cars to splash you (yes, I have done this. It was awesome.)
-the way it looks right after it quits raining
-the reminder that there has never been a rainstorm that wasn't followed by the sunshine
-that rain brings out beauty--rainbows, flowers. And not just in people too. Today, way in front of me as I was walking to campus, I saw a girl having to use a walker to get to class, which meant no free hand for an umbrella. And it was pouring rain. Another girl walking towards her smiled, turned to walk next to the girl with the walker, held her umbrella over her, and chatted with her all the way to her building.

So I am feeling kind of positive about the rainy situation we are in now...! (ok, but seriously, I am ready for the sunshine again.)

What do you like about the rain?
(thank you to (in order!):, Rainydaywomen, Kuzeytac, sondela_nz, Teppo, Lifebeginswith4t, Felixspencer2, and Paix120 for the rainy pictures!)

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  1. aww, I love that story at the end. I love people who do kind things when I dont have to. I like rain... only when I am not alone... it's a good time for movies and cuddling.