Monday, August 31, 2009

It was an interesting night

I know none of you are going to believe this, but...I was just e-mailed by the sad princess Eliza who has lost her father and needs to get to America with her millions of dollars...what a predicament! I can't get any photos until I email her back, but I imagine she is looks something like this: Unfortunately, she doesn't know my name, (she found my email on the "internet record", whatever that is) but she is in desperate need of my help. You see, she has just escaped from her evil stepmother (who probably looks something like this):She needs me to give her my bank account information so she can deposit into it her 8.4 million dollar inheritance that her stepmother is trying to steal. She can't do it herself, you see, because she is a refugee and the bank won't let her. Guess what? I ALSO get 30% of the money when she arrives in the states just for my help! Not only that, but she is asking me (ME!) to offer her financial advice. I mean, I AM listed on the "internet record" as a financial expert. And don't worry, this is all confidential. It's almost like it's too good to be true, or a scam or something...
(thanks google for the pictures!)


  1. Bwah ha ha ha! You're hilarious! I hate those scammers. Sometimes I have half a mind to email them back and tell them where to shove it, but if they're savvy enough, they'd probably retaliate far worse.

  2. Yikes, scammer to the umpth degree! Ha ha, that is too funny though, poor Eliza, hope she finds her way and her prince!