Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I will miss my store

1. I have met some of the most wonderful people (both employees and customers), and some I am positive I will know for a lifetime.
2. Making my own schedule. Nothing beats picking your own days off.
3. Unloading and processing our trucks. I know, I'm weird...but I LOVE seeing all the new and fun things we get in!
4. Re-setting the store in one giant overnight with friends and cookies and chips and trips to Target to try on footie pajamas and take pictures in the kiddie section with them on and be politely asked if we could cease and desist (true story) because we are tired of working.
5. CHRISTMAS! The best day of the year is Christmas blitz--hanging up ornaments, decorating the trees...ahhhhh, I love it.
6. Going in early...just because I can..., turning on some quiet music, and catching up on paperwork.
7. Being the first to know what's going on sale!
8. "Free" chocolate
9. Getting to decorate the store with furniture and flowers and accessories so I don't spend so much money on my own place...
10. Our friendly neighborhood stray dog, Macaroni! (We named her that because the first thing we ever fed her were macaroni bites).

To be continued...

(thanks NYT for the picture!)


  1. Owning my own little thrift store would complete my life I think!
    I'd miss having this place too :P

  2. I would miss this work too, sounds like a lovely place to be! Nice tribute to it and at least you can cherish the memories!