Friday, August 28, 2009


I have been thinking lately about how much is going on in my life, how much is changing, and how much I am dealing with. And it reminded me of a story...
Once, there was a man who felt as though the world rested on his shoulders. He thought his "cross to bear" was too great. He had so many problems, it felt as if his cross was weighing him down. So this man asked God to take his cross away, to let him bear a smaller burden. God heard his request and came to the man. He took away the man's burden laden cross and told the man he could choose any cross he wanted in its place. He took the man to a room filled with crosses.
The man looked around. Many crosses were as large as trees, built thick and strong. Some were riddled with nails and thorns. The man thought he would look around and choose the smallest cross he could find. He looked and looked, and finally found the smallest cross in the room, leaning against the wall. He told God that this was the cross he wanted. God smiled gently and said to the man, "But son, that is the cross I have just taken from you."
You never know who around you is dealing with a loved one dying slowly of a disease, has been layed off, can't afford to feed their family for a night. Be patient, be kind.
I love this story, because it reminds me that no matter what we have in our lives to deal with, it won't be any more than we can handle. Be glad-not that others are suffering, but that you have the ability to handle the load you have been given.
(thank you psychologytoday, faithandfacts, and nzhistory for the pictures!)

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