Monday, August 17, 2009

I have a confession...

...I love cupcakes. Mostly the cupcake tops, with a lot of icing, and just a little bit of cake. But if the cake is good enough, then yes, that too. Don't these make your mouth water for a cupcake?: And my life-long-love of cupcakes has finally met its soulmate: Gigi’s in Nashville. Her cupcakes are to die for. She uses exotic ingredients to make the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted. Also, her cupcakes are HUGE. Let me break it down for are given a SPOON to eat your cupcake with. The company was started by...who else...Gigi! She learned to cook from her great aunts as a little girl. On her home page, she says "My mission is to touch each person with that special kind of love and hoping you will live life to the fullest one cupcake at a time." Doesn't she sound cool?! Currently, there are only stores in Tennessee, but she is opening new ones in CA, GA, KY, TX, and AL soon! People all over Nashville love Gigi's cupcakes, and with names like:

White Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip,

Caramel Sugar Mama,

Chocolate Malt (it comes with a straw!)

and Key Lime,

how could anyone turn a cupcake down?!

(thank you google, the groovy baker, and Gigi’s for the pictures!)


  1. oh but those are way to cute to eat!

  2. I'm coming for a visit. Does the shop have Diet Coke, or should I bring my own?

  3. HA! If you ever come all the way to Nashville just for a cupcake, I will make sure you have all the diet coke you need!