Thursday, August 13, 2009

Things that happened today

1. I saw a praying mantis the size of my HAND. He was actually a pretty good dancer to our music in the background, so we nicknamed him Fred Astaire. To see a hilarious/the BEST/the FUNNIEST video of him dancing, and the even more hilarious ending where we scream and run away when he tries to attack us, go see Whitney’s blog!

2. I gashed my head open on one of my displays. (no pictures of this, wouldn't want anyone to get ill...)

3. Went shopping at Marshall's during work because our truck was almost THREE HOURS late and I bought these coasters!!:

4. I got REALLY excited and squeal-y (sp.??) because all of our Harvest candles and decor came in today!!! (Thanks for squealing with me, Whitney!!)

5. I forgot that I had no food for dinner because payday is tomorrow, so I ate gushers, cheddar shun chips, and oreos for dinner.

6. I found this AWESOME is AMAZING what people can do with photoshop (YES, these were PHOTOSHOPPED. NOT painted!!) These are just a few of the little gems I found:

6. Decided I am VERY thankful for new friends.

7. I saw a familiar car in the driveway...MY SISTER IS HOME A DAY EARLY!

8. I legally changed my name to Moonbeam.

One of these things isn't true. I'm not telling you which one. Guess what? TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!

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  1. That was too funny- video on praying mantis-
    Love your blog-