Saturday, August 22, 2009

One Fine Day

It takes me about 8 minutes to get to my store from my house, and today, in those 8 minutes, I realized: Today was going to be a great day.
Call #1 on my way to work came from my AM, who told me that if I could please hurry, she would appreciate it because they were trying to pull together a $2,100 sale. Yeah. As it turns out, the sale ended up being FIFTY SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!! We made up our entire week's losses with that one sale. Thank you, I'm-decorating-my-office-lady. I appreciate you.
Call #2 came from my friend who is also a Store Manager in Nashville to tell me that someone had run their CAR into her STORE. I guess she didn't see it or something... I'm not lying. I know, it sounds like a movie. I laughed so hard I cried. It made this hole in the incredibly thick glass:And then it completely shattered while she was standing there looking at it:

Once again, I laughed so hard I cried. I mean, really? How do you explain that to the insurance company?
"Uhh, I have just had an accident."
"Whose fault was it?"
"Well, I was the only person involved."
"Oh. What did you run into?"
"Um, A STORE."
And THEN, as if that was not enough to make my day, as I was turning into my shopping center, I saw a man. Dressed like an elf. A Christmas elf. Green coat looking thing, black belt, HAT. People, I cannot make this stuff up. I slammed on my brakes and madly scrambled for my camera, but he turned a corner and went inside some apartments. So, make do with this picture of Will Ferrell from is a pretty close representation of how this man looked. I think this guy was wearing tennis shoes though. And he had green pants with fur. But other than that:
And you're probably thinking, how could it get any better? It did. THIS little guy came into the store as I was leaving!:
Isn't he precious? His name was Edward (after Edward Cullen in the Twilight books. Seriously.) He was like a tiny little furball!
Here's to a great end to a fun week. Can't wait for next week...last week being able to call the store MY store!

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