Friday, August 14, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife-part Dos

1. Eric Bana, you are handsome.
2. They changed the ending (just a little)!!!! To be fair though, this was a good *movie* ending.
3. The violin and opera music are beautiful.
4. I love the emotion…Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams SHOW you the feelings Audrey Niffeneger wrote about.
5. If I was half as precious as the girl who played Alba, I would have been a child movie star too.

1. I told you so—better than the movie.
2. The book ending was better. More beautiful, I think. I’m biased though…I love to read and imagine. And movies are almost never as good as my imagination.
3. They did such a good job of taking from the book to make it an understandable movie, but the book is so…RICH and full of detail and deep in character. So, read it.
4. And then see the movie, ‘cause it ain’t bad.
5. (But read the book.)

It’s almost Saturday!


  1. I sooo want to see this- but instead we saw 500 days of summer last night- It was ok- should have went and saw The Time Traveler's Wife. Thxs for good review- :)

  2. i tottttally agree about loving the book ending better. They could have done it in the movie i think. I won't say much so i won't include any spoilers... but i'm glad i found someone that agreed with me. :)

    i think you are the cutest girl after reading your list.