Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love Letters, Chapter 3

Dear One Day Husband,
There will probably be times when you may have to leave me. Business trips, and, I actually can't think of any other reasons why you would leave me. But if any other situations come up (and I SO hope they won't), I would really like to have a run-and-jump-hug when you get back. Preferably with a professional photographer sneaking around somewhere to capture the moment, because it's just so powerful and special and filled with butterflies-in-your-stomach and being squeezed just tightly enough and not wanting to let go and smiles so big it makes you want to cry, don't you think? Maybe we could have one when we first meet, because I already miss you. I've included some pictures for your reference.

(thank you amolife for the pictures!)


  1. Aww, hope you find your prince charming, that is very very romantic! :) P.S. Thanks for the tips on crocheting, I had no idea that I could switch colors so easily, I must try it, yay!

  2. love this one! Running and jumping hugs are the best and a must do everytime he is coming back home!!!