Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love Letters, Chapter 2

Dear One Day Husband,
I know you will be going off to work every morning (I hope), maybe except for Saturdays and Sundays (and a few Fridays when we're feeling sneaky), and I want a kiss before you leave every morning. Even if I am still asleep (I may as well go ahead and admit it...I sleep late. I know you still love me anyways). Even if I am so groggy that I don't know what's going on and I throw a pillow at you. Even if I am awake, but still tired and I throw a pillow at you. And I promise to kiss you back. (Unless I am asleep. But then I promise to dream about kissing you.)
(image from ffffound)


  1. Gah! You're killing me with these! I want to print them and mail them to my ex-husband with a note that says, "We'd still be married if you were as great as this (as yet unfound) husband!"


  2. this is adorable!!! i love the pic and the sentiment.

    your whole blog is adorable. I'm glad to have found it. xo

    ps. i sleep late too... i am never "awake" before 10 a.m. and def. never before coffee!!!