Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Whole New World

So, today was the day that I "officially" quit my job. I am no longer a Store Manager earning a salary! I am now a student earning knowledge! And let me tell you, knowledge takes a little longer to pay off. I start my undergraduate work in 3 weeks, and then I will begin a 2 year Master's program to become a Physician's Assistant. The whole family had been telling me to go into healthcare for quite awhile, but I, being the pleasant, kind, and obedient daughter/niece/sister/granddaughter that I am, promptly dismissed everyone. It took quite a kick in the pants to get me back in school. Over three consecutive days, I took a career profile (which singled out healthcare as my 100% match...NO thank you!), was involved in an interstate car crash which I handled with nerves of steel (and all I thought was, 'I wish I could help these people who are hurt!'...Hmmmm...), and then sold a desk at work to...get this...the Southeastern Director of Physician's Assistants (Ok, Fine, I'll go back to school). I can be stubborn, but when I get kicked through a wide open door, I do NOT turn around.
With all that being said, I am going out on quite a faith limb here...I'll have no income for three years while paying for gas/insurance etc. I know I am following the right path and I am completely at peace that I will be taken care of. When you are headed in the right direction, even when it is uphill, it's amazing how much smoother the path can be.

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