Monday, August 31, 2009

"It was a good morning" (or, "I am in an exaggerating mood")

I woke up late this morning. I drove 89 hours (45 minutes) to stand in line for 16 hours (25 minutes) for a parking pass, only to realize...I left my wallet at home. I then parked in Libya (a 15 minute walk away) from the bookstore to retrieve my books, and carried my 17 two ton bags (2 bags at about 20lb. each. I'm estimating.) back to my car. I finally got home 3 months (45 minutes) later, only to realize I had forgotten to go by the bank and drop off a check and had to turn right back around.
Why then was this a good morning, you ask?
1. I got to sleep in!
2. A very nice lady at the parking pass place (say THAT 19 times (3 times) fast) told me not to worry, just park anywhere I needed to tomorrow, and if I got a ticket to bring it in and they would handle it.
3. A very nice man at the bookstore helped me find all my books.
4. Another very nice lady at the bookstore cash-stand let me type in my credit card number from memory (yes, I am actually so absent minded that I have memorized all of the important numbers in my life) since my credit card WAS AT HOME.
5. My sister called and made me laugh. Like usual.
6. I got this:
stamped on my bank receipt!
See? A good morning!

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