Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's a dog's life...(seriously, they're spoiled rotten.)

Since you already (kind of) know me, I thought it important to introduce you to the two most important canines in my life: Mocha and Hugo. I suppose I should just go ahead and tell you...these dogs aren't really dogs. They are little tiny humans stuck in dog bodies. I'll do my best to convey their personalities.

I begin with Mocha, MY precious little angel. She was a gift to me from Santa 2 Christmases ago (isn't Christmas the BEST?!). She is a miniature chocolate poodle who weighs 9 lbs. She is basically the most beautiful little thing in the world and she KNOWS it. She talks in a very high, very southern accent. Her favorite pasttimes are gathering all of the toys in the house and putting them in her bed, trying to lick up people's nostrils, and generally being beautiful.

Hugo is actually Brother's dog, but he loves me like he was mine...secretly, he IS mine ;). He is a standard caramel colored poodle whose half brother, Nadal, happens to belong to our vet. He weighs just under 60 lbs and is quite the gentle giant. He and Mocha are best friends. Hugo's voice is...well...just think Forrest Gump. He loves to have his belly rubbed.

I also have to mention Baby, my sister's miniature black poodle who lives with us. I won't picture her for security reasons (We all think she is an evil foreign spy. Baby, not Sister.). I think she hates me, but I'm still not sure. She's pretty sneaky.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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