Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I woke up this morning and realized there were things I had not done...

...Since yesterday: EATEN! As soon as I am through writing, it's lunchtime!

...In 2 weeks: Gone for a run! Today is the day though. Get ready treadmill, I will OWN you!!

...In 3 weeks: Picked up my dry cleaning! I totally forgot about it! Dad came home last night and told me they tried to give it to him. He refused. Today I found out why. Let me explain. You know, when you get in your head how much something is going to cost, and you add, like, $5-$10 on just to give you a mental preparation cushion? I went today to pick it up, and I was NOT prepared for the cost of my dry cleaning. It's ok dad, I understand why you refused to pick it up. I almost did too.

...ever: Planted a garden. I do not live even remotely close to anything resembling the countryside, but down the street from me on the corner, these people have planted this cute little garden...complete with sunflowers...(and a fire hydrant!)!
One day, I want to have one (maybe minus the fire hydrant).


  1. Your dad is a very wise man....

  2. not only did your comment make me smile about umloading the truck but so did the dry cleaning story. Thanks : )