Monday, August 24, 2009

Letters to people I will probably never meet, Chapter 1

*There are always people I see every day that I wish I could ask questions or make comments to. So, since I never have time when I see them (read: since it would probably be incredibly awkward and usually impossible to talk to most of these people), I shall talk to them through letters...which only you will read. Unless I become famous, and then these people might read about themselves one day. But I doubt it.*
Dear 3 women walking down the street this morning,
What on earth were you doing at SIX in the morning going for a walk? Do you have a better time to exercise? SIX?! You ladies are passionate. Now, several things: 1) Woman on the right: a dress is not appropriate workout wear. Maybe you were going to work, but your friends were in sweats. Maybe this would be a good idea next time. 2) You were each carrying sticks. Not big sticks, or baseball bats, just sticks, like my 2 year old cousin would pick up out of the yard. a) Were you carrying these for protection? If yes, did you actually think you would do any damage with them? b) What kind of mugger do you think walks around stalking groups of women at SIX IN THE MORNING (emphasis added) walking in a quiet neighborhood? I AM proud of you three for getting out and going for a walk though. It's more than I did today.
P.S. SIX?!
(thank you Main street vintage for the picture!)

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